Wigston Framework
Knitters Museum
42-44 Bushloe End,
LE18 2BA
Recently on a Sunday afternoon we recreated an historical practice at The Framework Knitters Museum. The needles fitted to the knitting frames will sometimes break. The needles are contained within a small white metal block which is in turn fitted within the frames.
In order to reclaim the white metal and salvage good needles from the broken one’s within the block, it is necessary to melt the white metal (which is a mixture of lead and tin alloy) to remove both good and broken needles and then pour the molten metal into a steel mould which contains both new and reclaimed needles.
You could say that this is recycling at its best before recycling became fashionable.
We hope to repeat the practice during opening times at the museum for the further enjoyment of visitors.
The Museum is in the Kayak Leicester Travel Guide.   Details Here